Friday, February 13, 2009

So I planned on covering this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna mess...

I've spent this past week like every other Chris Brown and/or Rihanna fan rummaging through any and every report trying to find out what the hell really happened between the two before the Grammy's. There was no topic that seemed nearly as interesting or that was on my mind more and I refused to write another post about anything else until I covered this story. Now almost all of the news papers, Internet sites, shit everyone has put their two sense in and I refused to be like these other Internet sites and blogger's with their "credible sources" (yeah OK) and i wanted to have some solid facts or something at least better to say. I also wanted to sort it all out and give my honest opinion.

But..guess what? I happened to come across this other chick's blog..GREAT READ and no joke she said exactly what I wanted to say and had I mean the same approach and everything. I mean it was exactly what I would have posted, so rather than just repeat her blog I encourage you to read hers. Big up to . This chick is on point! Check her Chris Brown/ Rihanna Blogs for the last few days..very informative!

*On another note..I for the life of me could not find a picture of that ridiculous Lil' Mama outfit I wrote about last week, so I took a pic from my phone when I caught it on repeat. I also took a picture of yesterday's outfit which was almost as ridiculous. I don't even know what to think about that chick at this point. I will post the photos tomorrow for sure, but I am dead tired. Shit being pregnant is not fucking easy! Very rewarding, but fucking exhausting. Love being a mom though so I try not to let it stress me too tough. Tomorrow however I will be going on a rant about this pregnancy shit, because baby girl is high maintenance already and her little ass needs to be put on blast! LOL

SO...until tomorrow...
Peace and Love
*Harmony aka Ms. Opinion*

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