Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can someone PLEEEEAAASE get Lil' Mama a stylist immediately!!!

I had planed on writing an Ode to bikini girl from American Idol today, but then I turned on the t.v. I couldn't sleep so I decided I'd watch the new episode of America's Best Dance Crew that I had recorded on my DVR.

Well...I watched Quest crew's performance and thought it was hot! Very funny and very creative and then it was done and it was time for the judges to comment. I had to do a double take..WHAT THE HELL was Lil' Mama wearing??!!?? Now it has been quite apparent that home girl has no sense of style. I mean who can forget the infamous baby outfit from the MTV awards complete with blinged out pacifier (see photo below) but just when I thought she was getting less odd... I couldn't find a picture, but as soon as I get one I will post it. Think tweety bird meets flight attendant who fell in a swarovski crystal batch. I mean my God does this chick own a mirror. I mean she irks me enough with the stupidity that comes out of her mouth. *I especially hate when she tries to use a big word and uses it wrong or completely says it wrong all together. But she is not a terrible rapper and usually has a catchy song or two. I wonder though...who is dressing this poor girl? Is she that whack in her own dressing? Is someone trying to sabotage her? Can she not afford a stylist? I mean COME ON...!! Lil' Mama if you ever read this I love you girl I do..there is no hate , but seriously. I know good people in the styling world. I can hook you up. You can be different without being ridiculous. Email me girl..seriously I am here for you. *P.S - girl it is grammatically correct not politically correct..LOL girl needs a stylist and a tutor maybe..sorry boo but Ms. Opinion just has to be honest.

On another note about ABDC..Who is voting for these clogger people?? I mean I was rooting for the little corny white underdogs at first, but now they are just coming whack with it...and I mean for them to beat of Fly Kicks in votes..people are buggin..Just saying
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