Thursday, June 18, 2009

So I haven't really done fashion

So I haven't really covered any fashion on here yet...There have been so many upsetting and/or depressing things going on both personally and in the media. Well I was reminded of the topic when I was on and viewing their shoe of the day. For the 2nd day i didn't like the shoe. I mean although they were nice shoes, I didn't care for them. Which made me think ...what would be my shoe of the day be? So as I looked through my shopping section of my favorites I came across a site I hadn't been to in awhile.. You could not ask for hotter shoes at a more affordable price*
This is just a taste of what is on the site..there is soo much more and so many colors, styles, etc..
All these shoes pictured are $150 or under except the pair of L.A.M.B shoes on the end (right) which are $299
Enjoy ladies! I will be writing a post tomorrow on my top 10 fashion websites *
Peace & Love,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why you should NEVER go to Pink Elephant Nightclub in NYC...

I am beyond disgusted this morning with a local NYC establishment called the Pink Elephant. (527 West 27th Street NYC)
This morning as usual I checked my twitter, facebook, email etc.. and came across the most disturbing status update I have seen in quite awhile. The post came from a fellow mother, model, activist, and all around beautiful person both inside and out.. Christina Mendez is a plus size model and has graced the pages of Glamour, All You, and Urban Latino Magazine among others. She has also been on BET's "Rip the Runway", been a runway model for Lane Bryant's in store fashion shows, and has been a print model for Baby Phat, Rocawear, Dereon, Apple Bottoms and more. She has been featured as a model on the Rachel Ray show, Fox news, BET news etc.. I could go on but I'll stop there. Last night she was denied entry at Pink Elephant nightclub for being too"FAT"!! I will let you read her status for yourself below :

CHRISTINA MENDEZ "I hate to start off people’s day w/negative BS but need to share this, last night I was denied access to Pink Elephant Nightclub in NYC because they claim I was too FAT. They told my friend they needed to maintain the "aesthetic" of the club. I could’ve flipped out but I hope telling my story will hurt them worst. DON’T SUPPORT PINK ELEPHANT sorry no matter what promoter or DJ is there. WRONG FAT girl not to let in.." (via Facebook)

I could not believe I was reading this!! Below I have posted some recent pictures of Christina so you all can see just how "fat" and "aesthetically unpleasant" she is...SMH*

Ummm yea. Bish is HOT!! Stop hating Pink Elephant. Nobody is starving themselves to get into your lame house club smh. And yes that is her with Sexy as hell Miguel Perdomo who clearly knows she fly too * I cannot truly understand what that was about ?? Are they for real? In all seriousness though #1 she is NOT fat . #2 Even if she was, are they implying larger women and men cannot be attractive or are less appealing? I want to point out that she is MY size and I can't even imagine them saying some shit like that to me or any of my friends about me. I seriously am just in awe that they played themselves like that last night.
*On a bright note she has chosen to handle the situation with style and grace as she always does and has continued to be positive throughout the drama. *Please check out this link to her response to Pink Elephant and to find out more about her upcoming projects!
*You can also check out her website
Much Love to you girl in all that you do...and to the haters well you can see me and Christina on Sunday walking our "FAT" asses for a good cause at the Autism Walk at South Street Seaport. Click here to donate to this great cause
Peace & Love