Friday, February 13, 2009

So I planned on covering this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna mess...

I've spent this past week like every other Chris Brown and/or Rihanna fan rummaging through any and every report trying to find out what the hell really happened between the two before the Grammy's. There was no topic that seemed nearly as interesting or that was on my mind more and I refused to write another post about anything else until I covered this story. Now almost all of the news papers, Internet sites, shit everyone has put their two sense in and I refused to be like these other Internet sites and blogger's with their "credible sources" (yeah OK) and i wanted to have some solid facts or something at least better to say. I also wanted to sort it all out and give my honest opinion.

But..guess what? I happened to come across this other chick's blog..GREAT READ and no joke she said exactly what I wanted to say and had I mean the same approach and everything. I mean it was exactly what I would have posted, so rather than just repeat her blog I encourage you to read hers. Big up to . This chick is on point! Check her Chris Brown/ Rihanna Blogs for the last few days..very informative!

*On another note..I for the life of me could not find a picture of that ridiculous Lil' Mama outfit I wrote about last week, so I took a pic from my phone when I caught it on repeat. I also took a picture of yesterday's outfit which was almost as ridiculous. I don't even know what to think about that chick at this point. I will post the photos tomorrow for sure, but I am dead tired. Shit being pregnant is not fucking easy! Very rewarding, but fucking exhausting. Love being a mom though so I try not to let it stress me too tough. Tomorrow however I will be going on a rant about this pregnancy shit, because baby girl is high maintenance already and her little ass needs to be put on blast! LOL

SO...until tomorrow...
Peace and Love
*Harmony aka Ms. Opinion*

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can someone PLEEEEAAASE get Lil' Mama a stylist immediately!!!

I had planed on writing an Ode to bikini girl from American Idol today, but then I turned on the t.v. I couldn't sleep so I decided I'd watch the new episode of America's Best Dance Crew that I had recorded on my DVR.

Well...I watched Quest crew's performance and thought it was hot! Very funny and very creative and then it was done and it was time for the judges to comment. I had to do a double take..WHAT THE HELL was Lil' Mama wearing??!!?? Now it has been quite apparent that home girl has no sense of style. I mean who can forget the infamous baby outfit from the MTV awards complete with blinged out pacifier (see photo below) but just when I thought she was getting less odd... I couldn't find a picture, but as soon as I get one I will post it. Think tweety bird meets flight attendant who fell in a swarovski crystal batch. I mean my God does this chick own a mirror. I mean she irks me enough with the stupidity that comes out of her mouth. *I especially hate when she tries to use a big word and uses it wrong or completely says it wrong all together. But she is not a terrible rapper and usually has a catchy song or two. I wonder though...who is dressing this poor girl? Is she that whack in her own dressing? Is someone trying to sabotage her? Can she not afford a stylist? I mean COME ON...!! Lil' Mama if you ever read this I love you girl I do..there is no hate , but seriously. I know good people in the styling world. I can hook you up. You can be different without being ridiculous. Email me girl..seriously I am here for you. *P.S - girl it is grammatically correct not politically correct..LOL girl needs a stylist and a tutor maybe..sorry boo but Ms. Opinion just has to be honest.

On another note about ABDC..Who is voting for these clogger people?? I mean I was rooting for the little corny white underdogs at first, but now they are just coming whack with it...and I mean for them to beat of Fly Kicks in votes..people are buggin..Just saying
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Kelly Rowland cuts ties with MAtthew Knowles as manager...

(photo from
Ok so yes I am a little late with this..but better late then never right? LOL

Last week several news and media sources reported that Kelly Rowland has ended her management contract with Matthew Knowles (aka Beyonce's daddy). It was also reported that there were no hard feelings and everything is still on the up and up with them personally. I mean I don't really think that Mr. Knowles would care either way. From what I see she was a dead weight for him to carry. I mean once you hear it's Matthew Knowles calling your thinking then to get pitched some ideas about Kelly Rowland...come on it's like 2nd best. Although I think that Kelly Rowland is a very beautiful and talented young woman, she will NEVER compare to Beyonce..not in talent or beauty. Being managed by Mr. Knowles unfortunately she will always be stuck being compared to her, because of that father-daughter relationship.

Kelly Rowland needs to up her image. I don't mean her physical image, because she is beautiful and quite fashionable..but she needs to get a personality..break out of her shell..grow some more stage presence. Like most back-up dancers/singers (which lets be real, Michelle and Kelly were basically backup dancers/singers to Beyonce in DC) she seems to have trouble commanding the stage and taking it as her own. Until she does that she won't sell. She is not a new artist so she won't be able to pull a Rihanna and grow the way she did. People know her and they expect alot having seen so much greatness come out of Destiny's Child. Homegirl needs to find a good manger maybe Benny Medina..(think JLO, Mariah, etc) could make her a powerhouse if she can afford someone like him. I wish her much success and happiness in her life and career. Hopefully she can work it all out. It would be sad to see her continue to flop the way she has.

WOW..I really thought the Cardinals were gonna win the Superbowl..LOL

Last night was Superbowl XL III played in Tampa, Florida. The Pittsburgh Steelers faced off against the Arizona Cardinals.

(photo from Now Ms. Opinion is a bit superstitious. I know ..I know..silly right? but I can't help it. The mix of the Puerto Rican and West Indian heritage you know they were gonna instill that foolishness in me from young. this past Monday I passed by my father's job after dropping my son off to school. In the parking lot there is an AC vent system in this sort of cage. So I'm sitting in my Dad's car and see this pretty red bird. I asked my father what type of bird it was figuring with the amount of the Discovery Channel he watches he would definitely know what it was. So he says duh it's a cardinal. Odd I guess that I had never seen a cardinal, but I really can't recall ever seeing one before then (and I have an EXCELLENT memory). So this Cardinal is trapped in the cage where the AC vent is. I mean he obviously got in there somehow, but he couldn't remember how I guess and this poor bird started panicking. I was worried sitting there that at any moment this AC fan was going to turn on and this bird was going to be ripped to shreds and that s something I was not interested in seeing as I sipped my decaf white chocolate mocha early in he morning so I asked my dad to get the key and let it out. Right before my father came back to let the Cardinal out I guess the silly bird remembered where the hole was and flew out in freedom.

Now you are probably wondering why I told you this odd story about my Cardinal encounter. Well...when I got home I told my hubby the same story and he said maybe it's a sign. That I should put money on the Cardinals in the Superbowl. Truthfully once the Jets, then Giants were out of the running I lost interest and didn't even know what teams were playing in the Superbowl this year. So when he mentioned Cardinals I thought wow maybe that is a sign.

Well when the Cardinals came back with a 64-yard touchdown from Warner to Fitzgerald with 2:37 left in the 4th quarter I was certain that that was it. That this was the cardinal finding the hole and flying to freedom and well victory for the Superbowl and started cursing myself for forgetting about the Superbowl pool he has every year at work and not putting any money down. Glad I didn't, because if you saw the game you saw the last touchdown made by the Steelers with 35 seconds left in the fourth. Now all in all this was a really good game... alot of action and excitement. The cardinals definitely gave a good fight and I mean every time you though they were down they rose to the occasion. Kind of like Kurt Warner's story ... I am glad Holmes got MVP, he definitely deserved it. Glad I watched*

On another note..Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem before the game began. This is something I ALWAYS look forward to watching. I thought that Faith Hill's version of "America the Beautiful" was whack! but Jennifer Hudson really did her thing and she didn't try to over sing it either like alot of artists do. She was definately a little shaky before starting and looked a whole lot of nervous but she pulled it together and did a great job for her first public appearance since the horribe tragedies in her personal life with the death of her mother, sister, and nephew only a short time ago. God Bless her*

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