Monday, February 2, 2009

Kelly Rowland cuts ties with MAtthew Knowles as manager...

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Ok so yes I am a little late with this..but better late then never right? LOL

Last week several news and media sources reported that Kelly Rowland has ended her management contract with Matthew Knowles (aka Beyonce's daddy). It was also reported that there were no hard feelings and everything is still on the up and up with them personally. I mean I don't really think that Mr. Knowles would care either way. From what I see she was a dead weight for him to carry. I mean once you hear it's Matthew Knowles calling your thinking then to get pitched some ideas about Kelly Rowland...come on it's like 2nd best. Although I think that Kelly Rowland is a very beautiful and talented young woman, she will NEVER compare to Beyonce..not in talent or beauty. Being managed by Mr. Knowles unfortunately she will always be stuck being compared to her, because of that father-daughter relationship.

Kelly Rowland needs to up her image. I don't mean her physical image, because she is beautiful and quite fashionable..but she needs to get a personality..break out of her shell..grow some more stage presence. Like most back-up dancers/singers (which lets be real, Michelle and Kelly were basically backup dancers/singers to Beyonce in DC) she seems to have trouble commanding the stage and taking it as her own. Until she does that she won't sell. She is not a new artist so she won't be able to pull a Rihanna and grow the way she did. People know her and they expect alot having seen so much greatness come out of Destiny's Child. Homegirl needs to find a good manger maybe Benny Medina..(think JLO, Mariah, etc) could make her a powerhouse if she can afford someone like him. I wish her much success and happiness in her life and career. Hopefully she can work it all out. It would be sad to see her continue to flop the way she has.

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