Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Urging parents to be ..well better parents

I really did not want my very first blog to be something serious. I figured I would touch on a music blogger who feels American Idol is being tainted (will prob touch on that tomorrow) or Kanye West's odd rantings that always seem to make me laugh, my pregnancy (I'm 8 mos and it sucks! In a great way though) LOL .. I don't know just something other than this, but as a mother of going on 2 children, a sister, a godmother, a cousin of an assorted lot of younger cousins this story really touched me and REALLY pissed me off!!

I am referring to the story of the California couple who decided they would pull a murder/suicide and kill themselves and their 5 beautiful children because they lost their jobs. Apparently the husband Ervin Lupoe and mother Ana Lupoe, either one or the other thought of the idea to commit this horrendous act, because (in their own words) why would they leave the
(photo taken from NYDAILY NEWS.COM)
children to strangers.. Now in my personal opinion I don't give a shit if you want to kill yourself. I really don't. I mean if you have kids and you kill yourself you are already a selfish ass, but to kill your kids as well. How do you do that? How do you put a gun to your child's head and pull the trigger? Or use poison.or drown them..or any of the other sick ways that more and more people are using to kill their own children. It was reported that some of the policemen who arrived at the scene were seen crying and vomiting as they left as even they were sickened but what they had just witnessed. In this case the children ranged in age from 2-8yrs old. Even more ridiculous is that they hadn't even been layed off very long. Did unemployment never occur to them..or welfare..or even maybe getting up off their asses instead of feeling sorry for themselves and going out to look for other jobs? I am disgusted by these people and even more disgusted by the fact that they faxed this whole suicide note thing to their local t.v station as if people are supposed to feel sorry for them, because they committed this type of completed reckless and selfish act! I feel deeply saddened for their sweet and innocent children who did not have a say in this and hope that they are in a better place..together..laughing and playing.
So a note for all parents..or friends of parents..adults in general. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Life is hard..who the hell said it would be easy? No one. No child in this world asked to be here. When you make the adult decision to make a baby, you become responsible for this life. To love and cherish, to clothe and shelter, to socialize a good person..and if you can't make that happen use a damn condom! They are as free as fucking itself and available all over can even order free ones online. So and woman up or wrap it up..everytime. It's good to practice this anyways just for your own health.
Anyways yes I know this was a bit of a rant, but I needed to get that off of my chest..and I needed the world to hear. Or atleast the random person(s) who might come across this blog. Tomorrow I promise I will have something funny and cute (well maybe not cute) to give you my opinion on..but I had to get this out there. Ms Opinion was an abused and neglected child and does not take kindly to or tolerate fucked up parenting on any level.

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