Thursday, June 18, 2009

So I haven't really done fashion

So I haven't really covered any fashion on here yet...There have been so many upsetting and/or depressing things going on both personally and in the media. Well I was reminded of the topic when I was on and viewing their shoe of the day. For the 2nd day i didn't like the shoe. I mean although they were nice shoes, I didn't care for them. Which made me think ...what would be my shoe of the day be? So as I looked through my shopping section of my favorites I came across a site I hadn't been to in awhile.. You could not ask for hotter shoes at a more affordable price*
This is just a taste of what is on the site..there is soo much more and so many colors, styles, etc..
All these shoes pictured are $150 or under except the pair of L.A.M.B shoes on the end (right) which are $299
Enjoy ladies! I will be writing a post tomorrow on my top 10 fashion websites *
Peace & Love,

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